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I have been in love with nature ever since I can remember, so when I decided to start making jewelry, it only made sense that my designs were inspired by nature. This world has become increasingly disconnected from nature due to the fact that we now rely heavily on technology in our daily lives. Creating jewelry that is inspired by nature is my contribution to keep that sacred connection to nature alive and to remember we should all find time to celebrate and appreciate the earth and everything she provides for us! 

What are the Seven Circles?

For centuries humans have held an endless fascination with circles- from the eternal rotation of the planets around the sun, to the movement of clock hands, to a simple wedding band. There are seven circles that make up the seed of life. The seed of life is formed from a relationship of six circles around one, for a total of seven circles. Six circles will always fit exactly around a seventh circle of the same size. This concept (coined sacred geometry) is the origin of how all life starts. Sacred geometry reveals that there are mathematical or abstract patterns beneath everything that we see in the physical world. It is a visualization and metaphor of the connectedness of all life, the interface between abstraction and physical reality. 

The patterns in sacred geometry can be found all throughout nature. From sunflowers to succulents, flowers and vegetables. Take a look at these amazing photographs that really show you a visual of what I am talking about-



Currently the only place to purchase Seven Circles Designs jewelry is on Etsy. Come see what's currently available!

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